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Bioenergy Innovation Award 2015


The Bioenergy  Innovation Award is a Norwegian innovation prize designed to stimulate and reward knowledge-based innovation and/or entrepreneurship in the field of stationary bioenergy. The award is intended to contribute towards the identification of projects with commercial potential.

About the award
The Bioenergy  Innovation Award was introduced in 2011 by the Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research CenBio (Bioenergy Innovation Centre) and is awarded annually during the CenBio Days. Previous winners have been research scientist Edvard Karlsvik at SINTEF Energy Research, Cambi AS, Solør Bioenergi and Mjøsen Skog.

The 2015 call for bioenergy innovation award
has been announced throughout Norway and 9 nominations were received. The list of nominations includes several very worthy candidates, and these have been assessed by a committee consisting of:

•          Trond Værnes (The Research Council of Norway)

•          Arnold K. Martinsen (The Norwegian Bioenergy Association "NoBio")

•          Bergny Irene Dahl (Innovation Norway)

•          Rune Holmen (Enova)

•          Berta Matas  Güell (CenBio/SINTEF Energy Research)

•          Odd Jarle Skjelhaugen (CenBio/Norwegian University of Life Sciences)


The award criteria are:

•          Contributes to innovative thinking within the field

•          Research based development

•          Commercial potential

The top three candidates  are:

Vincent  Eijsink, NMBU
who have gained international reputation for his research within enzyme-technology and biogas processes. He is contributing to the development of new biogas solutions that are of importance for the industry.

Dovre AS
for their development of wood stoves for low energy buildings and especially the new and unique combustion chamber in the Dovre Zen stove.

Anders Hammer Strømman and the Ind.Ecol group at NTNU
for their pioneering work within Life Cycle Analysis related to renewable bioenergy


Berta Matas Güell • Odd Jarle Skjelhaugen